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Solingen: City of Blades

Solingen has been the City of Blades since the late 15th Century.  This video gives a glimpse into modern production in Solingen. To learn about their involvement in a smallsword arms race, explore our timeline.

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Martinez Academy Hosting 2017 Small-Sword Academy

The Martinez Academy of Arms is hosting a Small-Sword Academy this summer  July 14 – July 16, 2017. “This workshop will serve as an introduction to the art for those with no previous martial arts training. Experienced small-sword fencers will … Continue reading

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Smallsword Fencing in Vienna

David Pascal fencing at the 2017 Dreynevent in Vienna. Original video footage courtesy of Predrag Agatonovic and posted to YouTube by Marcos Ariño.

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William H. Harrison’s Smallsword

William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the United States, served only 31 days before dying of pneumonia in 1841.  Harrison’s portrait, painted by Rembrandt Peale, originally depicted Harrison in civilian clothes (painted after 1800).  However, after Harrison’s success in … Continue reading

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The Duke of Wellington on the Supremacy of the Smallsword

Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, is regarded as one of the great military leaders of the 19th Century.  Having served in Belgium and India, he rose to the rank of Major-General and was then appointed Field Marshal … Continue reading

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Hope’s Fundamentals and Rules

Sir William Hope (1660-1724) was trained in the French school of the smallsword but came to conclude it lacking. Sir William went on to devise an approach to the smallsword that incorporated the techniques established in the English backsword tradition … Continue reading

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The Linacre School of Defence

The Linacre School of Defence The Art and Science of Defence — 17th, 18th & 19th Century English Martial Arts. The Linacre School of Defence was founded in Oxford in 1999 and offers an integrated martial arts system, soundly based … Continue reading

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London Historical Fencing Club Adds Smallsword

LHFC is bringing regular smallsword classes to central London, with Susan Kirk providing expert instruction in this noble yet vicious weapon. Starting September 29th, the class will be a new permanent part of the London HEMA scene. So if you’ve … Continue reading

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Smallsword Symposium VIII (2016) Finals

Video of the Smallsword Symposium VIII (2016) final-four rounds are posted with action replays, courtesy of Arno Privé and Phil Crawley. Finalists include: Mark Thomson, Dr. Milo Thurston, Robert Wrightson. Finals One of Four: Finals Two of Four: Finals Three … Continue reading

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Blackwell’s Disarm in Tierce

Study everything Blackwell had to say in his 1702 publication by following the link below at the Blackwell, H. (1702). The English fencing-master. London: Printed by J. Downing in Bartholomew-Close, for the author. [English]

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