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Escrime Mont Royal

Escrime Mont Royal Escrime Mont Royal (EMR), located at the NDG Community Center in Montreal, offers both modern & historical fencing. Within its approximate 120 members, 21 participate in the Historical Fencing program. Early French Smallsword is their main weapon; … Continue reading

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Monsieur de La Touche

Monsieur de La Touche was a 17th Century French Master. He played in integral role in the process of standardizing fencing terms and in establishing a codified method of fencing instruction.  The plate above is from his 1670  Les Vrays … Continue reading

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Mid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship

Mid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship Annapolis, Maryland, USA Founded in 2000, MASHS is a group of dedicated enthusiasts and practitioners who come together to study, analyze, and practice Historical European Swordsmanship and Western Martial Arts.

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Golden Gate School of Arms

Golden Gate School of Arms, a traditional fencing school serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Instructor Benjamin Bowles, Associated with the Martinez Academy, teaches fencing as seen in 18th and 19th centuries with non-electric weaponry and as a martial art.

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Destreza Pacifica School of Arms

Destreza Pacifica School of Armsat. Provost at Arms, Antone Blair, Head Instructor. Located in Arcata, California, Destreza Pacifica School of Arms offers instruction in traditional European fencing weapons.

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Sussex Sword Academy

Sussex Sword Academy Brighton, Sussex, UK The SSA strives to cover all things sword and sword related from Longsword to Rapier and Highland Broadsword to Small Sword as well as other sword related forms.

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Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Palm Beach Classical Fencing. Instructor Kim Moser offers classical fencing instruction in the tradition of the Martinez Academy. Classes are offered in Jupiter, Greenacres, and Tequesta, Florida.

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Martinez Academy of Arms

The Martinez Academy of Arms is the premier academy of classical and historic fencing. Located in New York, Maestro Ramón Martínez and Maestro Jeanette Acosta-Martinez are traditional Maître d’Armes descended from the school of Maître d’Armes Frederick Rohdes. Maestro Ramón Martínez is the leading authority on … Continue reading

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