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The Bodleian Libraries Have a New Copy of Hope

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Danet on the Demi-Volte

“In smallsword, the volte is a movement that is an evasive action—that is, an esquive—that sidesteps an attack while simultaneously thrusting into the opponent. When one executes this advanced move, one is simultaneously attacking and defending at the same time. … Continue reading

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Danet’s Art of Arms

Phil Crawley, Provost with the Black Boar Swordsmanship School and administrator with the Smallsword Symposium, has released a new English translation of Danet’s 1766 treatise, the Art of Arms (vol I). Crawley’s translation is dedicated to memory of Victor Markland … Continue reading

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A New Smallsword Trainer

The new line of smallswords from Feather Smallswords in Serbia has piqued my interest. The specs look good, they are attractive, and reminiscent of a historical piece. If you have any firsthand experience with these, I would love for you … Continue reading

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2021 American Smallsword Symposium

The American Smallsword Symposium has been scheduled for 11-12 September, 2021. The event will be held entirely outdoors at the Carlyle House in at Alexandria, VA. There is ample parking, several hotels, and B&B’s in town. Early reports indicate the … Continue reading

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The Epic Study & Interpretation of the 1805 Manuel de Brea’s Destreza-Fencing Treatise

André Hajjar Sesé has released his English interpretation of de Brea’s 1805 destreza manual, Principios Universales Y Reglas De La Verdadera Destreza Del Espadin… on his blog, Destreza Nova. La Verdadera Destreza refers to the Spanish school, a school of … Continue reading

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New Salle: Queen City Classical Fencing

We are proud to announce that we have formed a new sister organization to determine if there is interest in starting a classical fencing salle in Springfield, MO: Queen City Classical Fencing. Our hope is to cultivate interest and focus … Continue reading

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Escrime Mont Royal

Escrime Mont Royal Escrime Mont Royal (EMR), located at the NDG Community Center in Montreal, offers both modern & historical fencing. Within its approximate 120 members, 21 participate in the Historical Fencing program. Early French Smallsword is their main weapon; … Continue reading

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Louis XIV French Classic Smallsword

This early French smallsword (ca. 1655 C.E.) has few parallels.  Its style reflects early French Classicism from the reign of Louis XIV, and was likely made in Paris.  Its hilt features ornate foliage and figure motifs executed in gold inlay, … Continue reading

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Plate from Liancour, 1686, pg 25

Examine Liancour’s 1685 manuscript by downloading a pdf (in French) on our Study Page.

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