Opposing Smallsword with Saber

If opposed to the Small Sword, have recourse to the Cuts Three [ascending from inside low to outside high] and Four [ascending from outside low to inside high], directing them at the arm, by which means there is every probability of the Cuts taking effect, as it must always come within range of the edge, before the point can be sufficiently advanced to reach your body: [sic] if the above Cuts are quickly given and continued, they will always be found advantageous in advancing against the Small Sword, as they constitute an attack and form a defence at the same moment; but should the opponent be the most skilful and quickest in his movements, then it is best to retire whilst giving them, cautiously preserving the proper distance, so that each Cut may just reach the forepart of his arm.

-Henry Charles Angelo, Infantry Sword Exercises, 1845

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